Presentations ICORD 2008

SESSION II. Facilitating Cooperative Efforts of the Regulatory Processes: Progress on Collaborative Regulatory Requirements for the Orphan Product Designation Process between Office of Orphan Products Development (OOPD), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA and Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products (COMP)/European Medicines Agency (EMEA), Europe

SESSION III. Linking Academic Discoveries and Industry Product Development Strategies

Session IV. Linking Patients to Research Programs and Treatment Centers

SESSION V. Research Methodology and Statistical Analyses for Trials of Rare Diseases and Orphan Products — Strength of Evidence: How Much Evidence is Necessary

SESSION VI. Stimulating Awareness and Research on Rare Diseases and Orphan Products through the Media

SESSION VII. Rare Diseases Research Activities at the NIH

SESSION VIII. WHO International Classification of Diseases and Rare Diseases Emphasis


SESSION X. A Global Look at Policy Initiatives for Rare Diseases Research and Orphan Products – Current Activities and Future Needs
PANEL A. Global policy needs and what is being done?

PANEL B. Europlan and National Plans for Rare Diseases Research and Orphan Products Development

SESSION XI. Genetic Testing and Screening Approaches

SESSION XII. Meeting Patient and Family Needs Across the Lifespan — Access to Health Care, Psychological, and Social Support Programs

SESSION XIII. Gaining Access to Information on Rare Diseases and to Orphan Products: Policy Issues and Needs

SESSION XV. Parallel Working Group Sessions, Workshops on Planning Future Activities and to Determine Future Needs, Goals, Venues and Implementation Mechanisms

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