Launch of RDI

ICORD presence at the launch of RDI

In May 2015, ICORD was invited to the launch of Rare Disease International (RDI) in Madrid, Spain. The overall aim of RDI is to unite patients’ voices around the globe, in order to have a greater impact and to improve the situation for patients with rare diseases and their families. At present RDI is an informal network, initiated by EURORDIS, but it may become a legal entity in the future. It is currently governed by EURORDIS and national rare disease alliances from USA (NORD), Canada (CORD), Japan (JPA), China (CORD), India (I-ORD), the Ibero-American pan-regional alliance (ALIBER) and the International Federation for Epidermolysis Bullosa (DEBRA International). ICORD welcomes the establishment of RDI and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with RDI. Please find the presentation of ICORD President-Elect, Manuel Posada, on behalf of ICORD, here.

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