ICORD webinar – July 15, 2020

ICORD webinar on July 15 at 11am ET, 5pm CET

The report of the Webinar held in July 15th, 2020 entitled ‘Best Practices: Renewing Rare Diseases. Trials in the Age of COVID19’ is now ready.

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With the shuttering of labs to the disruption of clinical trials, patient access to potentially lifesaving drugs was significantly restricted in the early months of the global pandemic. But resourceful and determined rare disease experts devised creative and innovative solutions to overcome setbacks posed by the worldwide shutdown. ICORD webinar was held in July 15 at 11am ET, 5pm CET, sponsored in partnership with APCO and America’s Health Foundation, to hear real world best practices on how rare disease trials in the EU, LATAM and U.S. are advancing once again.