ICORD 2007 Brussels

International Conference on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs in Brussels (ICORD 2007)

The ICORD 2007 meeting was held on September 14-15, back to back with the European Commission Research Directorate-General’s conference “Rare Diseases Research: Building on Success” on September 13, 2007 in Brussels.

ICORD 2007 was an open 2-day conference focusing on the areas that were identified as important for improved global collaboration at the Madrid Meeting 2006:

  • Gaining Regulatory Approval: Establishing and Meeting Regulatory Requirements
  • Product Discovery and Development: Linking the Academic Research Community to the Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology Industries
  • Development of Rare Diseases Research and Orphan Products Development Assessment Tools: Possibilities Restrictions, and Solutions
  • Recruiting Patients for Clinical Research Studies and the Value of International Collaboration
  • Genetic Testing for Rare Diseases in International Settings
  • Identifying and Meeting Patient and Family Needs across the Lifespan
  • Rare Diseases Research and Orphan Products Development Activities: Expanding the Informational and Geographical Borders

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