Emilio Roldán

Titles: M.D. (Buenos Aires University 1978); Clinical Pharmacologist (Buenos Aires University 1984); Ph.D. “Faculty of Medicine Best Thesis Award 1994); Pharmaceutical Physician (MFPM) Royal College of Pharmaceutical Medicine, London 1996-2015). Professor of Pharmacology, UCES University (2009-2010), past president Argentine Association of Bone and Mineral (AAOMM, 2002-2003).

Research: 247 publications (80 full papers, average impact factor 2.91), 18 awards in science (incl. WHO 2002, SIBOMM 2003), five international patents in biomedicine, member of the editorial board or reviewer at six peer-review journals. Member, past member and member of board of national and international medical societies of Pharmacology and Bone and Mineral. Position: Scientific Consultant at Gador SA-Innovation, Buenos Aires. Consultant at Maimonides University, Buenos Aires. Rare disease activities: Scientific Advisor at CERyDH (Cooperación para las Enfermedades Raras y Drogas Huérfanas) y en GEISER Foundation (2007-2019, Mendoza), member of ICORD (2009, Stockholm), member Rare Skeletal Diseases Chapter (2012, International Osteoporosis Foundation, Lyon), speaker, coordinator and/or organizing committee member of national, regional, and international rare diseases workshops, educational courses or congresses, since 2007. Advisor on orphan drugs and rare diseases research at national or regional official institutions, academies and patients groups.